Freeze. Thaw. Repeat.

This latest cold snap has been rather uncomfortable, plummeting our air temperature to pretty much as low as we get in these parts. Thankfully, it will only be short-lived, with warmer conditions to look forward to in coming days.

The warmth will be courtesy of a brief spell of northwesterly wind late Friday into Saturday with associated cloud cover keeping our nights warmer. Cooler conditions will return again Sunday with up to 15 knots of southwesterly. Light winds early in the working week will see crowds at our boat ramps yet again, with variable winds mid-week stiffening slightly.

In essence, this week’s weather forecast leaves us with a sense of déjà vu when compared with last week. Hopefully the wind won’t be as strong or the chill so extreme. The moon is full Saturday night, with tides peaking at a smidge over 4m during the evening. There will be plenty of run in the tide, so keep this in mind when considering your options. Newbies to the bay should be wary of getting stranded when the tides drain our flats and estuaries, particularly when the tide is high.

Any colder this week and we might have to resort to ice fishing…brrrrr

~  Provided by Fisho’s TackleWorld Hervey Bay