Why Join a GFAA affiliated Club?

The Game Fishing Association of Australia (GFAA) is the longest established national fishing association in the world. It has been, and remains, a model and example for game fishing associations around the world.  As such, the GFAA is affiliated with the International Game Fish Association (lGFA) and plays an active part in the leadership of the sport of game fishing on a world level.

The constitutional membership of the GFAA is the Australian States and the Northern Territory (the Canberra Game Fishing Club is affiliated with the New South Wales Game Fishing Association). Thus, game fishermen, wherever their place of residence, have a voice and representation – just as was planned by those who founded the national body in 1938.

Each of the State and Northern Territory branch memberships is made up of affiliated clubs. The club members – the fishermen – in turn, receive the benefit of membership.

There are many reasons for the success and longevity of the GFAA, all of which are directly related to benefits for the members.  These include:

  • The administration of club, State and Australian records for male, lady and junior anglers – not only traditional offshore game fishing records, but also fly and land-based game.
  • Organised club structures that help give knowledge on technique and where to find fish. Club-organised tackle and ‘how-to’ instructional nights and the like.
  • Fellowship and social functions within the clubs.
  • Competition, both intra- and inter-club. That is, competition with other clubs, competition within the State and national competition.
  • Representation for club, State or country in international competition. The GFAA and members of its State associations and member clubs are welcome and recognised at international tournaments. Such teams have competed successfully in international tournaments in New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, Tahiti and Nova Scotia.
  • The dissemination and application of knowledge, which is important over a lifetime of fishing with a GFAA club.
  • Receipt of member club and State associations’ newsletters and the GFAA’s Official Gamefishing journal.

However, one of the most important benefits of membership of clubs affiliated with the GFAA is to give input to club, State and national executives with governments and related organisations and departments. This involvement ideally leads to representation on government committees and advisory councils – a very necessary step.  Thus, GFAA clubs and association members are more often becoming the contact point for government seeking advice and information, as well as contact points for lobbying on behalf of members.

Along the same lines, the GFAA offers game fishermen:

  • Representation at national and international seminars on billfish and other pelagic species by all game fishing sectors.
  • An active voice and contribution to ensure that recreational offshore fishermen have access to and an equitable share in fish and bait resources.
  • The opportunity to take active executive positions in clubs, State associations and the national body, the GFAA.

The GFAA Executive strives to maintain affiliation fees at the minimum level necessary to give service and efficient operation.

The association’s interests in science and conservation are clear cut and the association is regarded, rightly, as a world leader.

The game fish tag & release programs and tournament minimum weights are just two examples of leadership in ethical fishing and conservation.

In addition, the GFAA has a research foundation. The wisely allocated grants that have been made so far are already providing benefits to fish and fishermen.

The GFAA is your organisation.  The support and membership you give will result in multiplying benefits for you, the angler.  Put simply … IF YOU GAMEFISH, IT IS IN YOUR INTEREST TO BELONG TO A GFAA-AFFILIATED CLUB.

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