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Late in 2021 GFAA undertook to cerate a development program for juniors with the objective of encouraging kids to particpate at all levels in fishing.

A group of forward thinking members have put together a structure offering incentives for kids to get assistance from the association to participate.

The very beginning of this is to give our group activity a name and logo, so a competition has been set up with that aim.

In the panels below you will see some examples of logos and group names.

A competition (with prizes) is being run for he best logo idea and group name.

Complete your idea and send it by email to gfaakids22@gfaa.asn.au with your name age and email address and you’ll be included. This competition is open to anyone 16 and younger.

Get your entry in and it will be added to the top of the list.

The competition closes on February 28th 2022

Project Name and Slogan



“GFAA Fish’N’Kids”


“Kids Fish Too!”


” Kids Fishing for Fun”


Approved Program Grants