GFAA Code of Practice

To a large extent, the GFAA has operated under a form of ‘Code of Practice’ for many years. The constitution of the GFAA contains a set of objects (or aims) that are a very useful starting point in this regard. Taking the relevant points from the Objects of GFAA (the ones that relate to fishing ethics, conservation and so on), it is clear that the Association has set itself high standards. That is:

  • To formulate and support fair, uniform and ethical angling rules.
  • To conserve gamefish and food fish resources for the recreational and economic use of present and future generations.
  • To affiliate with the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) and work closely with that Association as well as scientific institutions and government bodies interested in fisheries conservation and management.
  • To encourage and further the study of recreational angling, the related fish species and the habitat requirements of such species.
  • To develop and support fish tagging programs and other scientific data collection.
  • To act as a data accumulation centre for fishing results and to make such information available to governments and others for furthering education in the wise use and conservation of the species.
  • To analyse the pressure of recreational and commercial fishing upon the respective gamefish species.
    To disseminate information and knowledge of scientific studies of commercial fishing and gamefishing to GFAA member clubs and to the general public.
  • To assist and participate in domestic and international gamefish seminars and symposiums where the expertise, data and purposes of the Association may be helpful in assisting other organisations with similar objectives.
  • To make grants to gamefish-oriented organisations or institutions for the support of research and education in the sciences related to gamefish and the sport of angling.

These objects are largely pursued through the rules and regulations of the Association. The GFAA Research & Development Foundation has also been formed to assist in funding the pursuit of many of these specific goals.