Code of Conduct for Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs)

  • Respect other FAD users at all times.
  • FADs are for the benefit and enjoyment of all recreational sectors.
  • Courtesy should be given to fishers who are already using the FAD.
  • FAD users should take turns in fishing the FAD and accommodate new arrivals.
  • All fishers should keep boats, lines and lures a safe distance from the FAD.
  • Do not use braid (Spiderwire) near the FADs. This line type causes cutting damage to the mooring line of the device. This will result in the FAD breaking free and the ground tackle being lost.
  • Do not tie your boat up to the FAD.
  • Report any damage to the FAD to the appropriate owner.
  • Comply with bag limits and only take what you need.