Annual GFAA awards and trophies

Each year GFAA-administered trophies for Capture and Tag & Release are awarded to anglers fishing in Australian waters. The Capture trophies are the Tom Bell Trophy and the Peter Goadby Trophy. The Tag & Release trophies are the John O’Brien Trophy, the Sir Garrick Agnew Trophy, the Bob Lowe Trophy, the Peter Bennett Trophy, and the trophy for the Highest Point-scoring Boat, which was donated by Tailored Marine Accessories.

In 2003 anglers had three new trophies to fish for: the Geoffrey Woolley Trophy for the most meritorious tag & release achievement by an adult angler, the Grahame Williams trophy for the most sharks tagged by an angler, and the John and Anne Brooker Trophy for the most southern bluefin tuna tagged by an angler.

In 2004 another trophy was added: the Neil Patrick Trophy for the most other gamefish tagged by an angler.

In 2012 the David Litchfield Trophy was added for the highest point scoring boat tag & release marlin in Australian waters.

The operative year for all trophies is from 1st July in one year to 30th June the following year. Entries for the Tom Bell Trophy, Peter Goadby Trophy, Bob Lowe Trophy, Peter Bennett Trophy and Geoffrey Woolley Trophy must be submitted to GFAA by clubs through their State Association, and will be judged by the GFAA Executive. All other trophies are based on tag cards received by NSW Fisheries. To be eligible for the Peter Bennett Trophy the angler must be under 16 years of age at the time of the event.

It should be recognised that a claim need not be an Australian record to win the trophy. However, sufficient data must accompany the application to satisfy the Executive of its validity. The decision to award a trophy, or otherwise, rests totally with GFAA and no correspondence will be entered into.

There are also three trophies available at the Australian International Billfish Tournament, a prestigious tournament held every year from a different location: the Ern Palmer Trophy awarded to the winning team, the Moreton Bay Trophy awarded to the runner-up team (previously champion international team), and the Mal Ramsey Trophy awarded to the champion angler (previously champion Australian team).

Note: The use of the ‘billfish only’ tag is mandatory to be eligible to win any GFAA billfish trophies and awards.